Greasby Messenger

Greasby Messenger is the local not for profit magazine.

The Greasby Messenger started in May 2008 and it continues to be delivered to all 4200 households and all traders in Greasby and Frankby in March, June, September and December each year. The Messenger is a local magazine produced to encourage and strengthen community relationships. It contains a wealth of information, local news and a diary of local events, and advertisers know that everyone in their local area will have a copy to refer to.  It can only be distributed free of charge because of the advertisers, (see below for how to advertise) and the colourful cover has until now been supported by the Wirral West Constituency Committee’s Community Fund. 

 Largely produced by volunteer residents, The Messenger is entirely independent, self-funding and non-profit making . We always welcome feedback and will respond to any helpful suggestions for improving the magazine.  We welcome stories or news of local interest. Please contact Jackie Doyle if you have an item to contribute. The deadline for the next edition will be in Autumn 2019

An advert in the Greasby Messenger drops through the doors of every home in Frankby and Greasby – over 4500 doors!  Contact Phill for advertising .